Royal Baby: The World Waits To Meet The New Heir

The royal baby, a boy, was born on Monday, July 22 at St. Mary’s Hospital in London. Now, the world is waiting to meet the new heir to the British throne.

Kate and baby are reportedly doing well, but Kate was kept overnight, as is traditional, for observation to ensure she is ready to go home with her and husband William’s first born.

Forty one gun salutes are being fired to welcome the future King of England as a nation and the world expect a first glimpse at the new baby prince, who so far remains nameless.

Many remember the image of Princess Diana and Prince Charles bringing Prince William out of the hospital for the first time after his birth in the same London hospital.

What will Kate wear to leave the hospital? Will William hold the baby? Will we actually get a good look at the little bundle or will he be shielded for privacy?

The royal baby is now third in line to the throne, behind his grandfather, Charles and father William. One day this little guy will rule the British kingdom.

We can expect Kate and William to follow the style of parenting Diana and Charles started with Will, which broke the traditional royal upbringing. Even Charles was brought up in the strict traditions of the crown.

Diana was adamant that her boys, William and Harry, have as normal life as possible regardless of their station in life. The boys often traveled with her and they attended regular school, as opposed to having tutors at the palace.

The late princess had great influence in how her two sons were raised, which didn’t always sit well with the palace traditions. It is believed that this resulted in some of the frictions between Diana and Buckingham Palace.

The new parents are expected to be hands on and involved in their child’s upbringing. Kate’s mother is an influential figure in her daughter’s life.

The Duke and Duchess are rumored to be heading to her parents home in Bucklebury, while their Kensington home is remodeled, when they finally leave the hospital.

In the meantime the world awaits to have a glimpse at the new royal baby and future King.

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