Burger King Customer Finds Slug In His Chicken Sandwich

A Burger King customer in the UK stumbled across a slug in his chicken sandwich while dining at the restaurant last week.

Manminber Singh was understandably freaked out by the unexpected topping when he purchased a Chicken Tendercrisp burger last Friday. The 37-year-old claimed to have found the slug crawling a cross a piece of lettuce on the sandwich.

“I was really shocked as I really love this burger and never had anything like this happen before,” Singh explained to the Daily Mail.

Although the staff offered to give the man his money back, the Burger King employees didn’t seem overly concerned about the slug’s appearance in the chicken sandwich.

Singh believes the health department should step in to correct the situation.

“I want health and safety people to come and lock them down. This might have affected my health as I have problems with my stomach and this could put me in more danger,” the outraged customer explained.

Although the discovery of a slug in a chicken sandwich would suggest that the fast food restaurant has a serious insect problem, the manager said this was simply an isolated incident.

Burger King said in a statement:

As a global brand, we aim to provide the highest levels of food quality and service in all restaurants so that our customers have a great experience with us every time. We are taking this situation very seriously and are conducting a full investigation. We greatly value customer feedback to ensure we get our service, restaurants and products right every time.

A spokesman for the health department said there doesn’t appear to be an insect infestation at the restaurant. He suggested that the Burger King slug somehow managed to latch onto the lettuce in question. However, this doesn’t explain why the employees didn’t notice it before serving the sandwhich.

“Our officers will be meeting with senior managers from the outlet early next week to discuss procedures more thoroughly,” the spokesman.

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