CIA Weather Control Study Backed With Six Figure Grant [Report]

A CIA weather control grant to the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) is sparking some controversy. The intelligence community wants to explore the idea of geo-engineering — that is, changing the earth to influence its weather and climate.

The NAS report said the climate control project began in March 2013 and will run 21 months, with a first report to arrive in fall 2014. The researchers want to look into the feasibility of at least three or four techniques to fight ocean acidification, growing levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, and more.

In their online report, they acknowledged support in part from the US intelligence community but didn’t get too specific.

Last week, muckraking publication Mother Jones published a report that the CIA was the intelligence body backing the weather control study — to the tune of a cool $630,000. They said the six figure price tag was being split with NOAA and NASA. And the NSA agrees. The geo-engineering project funding isn’t all coming from the CIA’s pocket.

But somehow the story got better along the line. Here’s an MSN Now report: “[M]ultiple news sources confirm that the CIA has given $630,000 — probably twice the budget of Sharknado — to the National Academy of Sciences to study whether geo-engineering could safely halt climate change and influence weather patterns.”

So you see what just happened? The story has now morphed into a claim that the CIA is footing the entire $630,000 bill.

That would of course change the entire character of the project. If the CIA gave all the money, it might be fair to imagine they’re calling all the shots.

But that isn’t quite true.

Nonetheless, judging from my Twitter feed, some of the conspiracy theorists are not too happy.

CIA weather control has been a bugbear of that crowd for years.

And some of the claims verge on the outrageous, if not the ridiculous:

Here are a couple of typical Twitter comments on the topic of the CIA weather control:

Well, maybe. But I have a different opinion.

This writer lives in New Orleans. As far as I’m concerned, it’s past time to get some science on the job of fighting back against the weather. If NOAA and NASA can get a few bucks out of the CIA to help out, that’s pretty cool.

If humans can geo-engineer the earth and change the weather, that’s a superpower that’s badly needed. And I don’t think a measly few hundred thousand is much to spend on a project that could eventually save billions if not trillions.

But that’s just me.

Comments are open. What do you think about geo-engineering to fight climate change and the CIA weather control funding?

[photo by Fer Gregory via Shutterstock]