Dwyane Wade: Ex-Wife Gets $5 Million Settlement To Behave Herself

Dwyane Wade’s ex-wife Siohvaughn Funches, has finally agreed the financial terms of their divorce settlement. Wade’s lawyer stated that she would receive $5 million. According to the Chicago Sun Times, both parties also agreed to sign an agreement that they would not criticize or insult each other in public.

This ‘non-disparagement agreement’ was necessary to ensure that Funches would not repeat her action of holding up signs in a public place, complaining that she was homeless because Wade wouldn’t support her.

Wade’s attorney, James B Pritikin said: “Ms.Funches has made a mockery of homelessness which is a serious and personal issue for Mr. Wade as his mother was homeless for a period of time when he was a child.”

He also stated that Wade had been paying $25,000 each month which covered her mortgage and numerous other expenses.

Dwyane Wade was granted full custody of their two children at a court hearing in 2011. This followed four years of bitter fighting after he first filed for divorce.

Last week, Funches lost a claim that she was entitled to additional payment from his endorsement income, which he got from his basketball activities with the Miami Heat team.

Last year, Funches was arrested and charged with the misdemeanor offenses of attempted child abduction, unlawful visitation, and interference and obstruction of a peace officer.

She is awaiting trial for the last of these charges: the others were dismissed. Wade’s attorney said that a court would have to decide about Funches’ visitation rights with the children.

He stated: “The safety and well-being of his children are (Wade’s) main priority.” And he added: “Due to Ms. Funches’ current unstable mental state, her visitation will be determined by the court. Mr. Wade continues to hope that one day he will have a civil relationship with his ex-wife for the sake of their sons.”

It remains to be seen whether this very public battle being fought by Dwyane Wade’s ex-wife is, indeed, over.