Royal Facts: Prince William’s Birth Was Induced

Prince William was born on June 21, 1982 and his mother, Princess Diana had to be induced.

According to journalist Andrew Morton, Diana’s confidant, she recalled, “William’s birth had to be induced, because I couldn’t handle the press pressure any longer, it was becoming unbearable,”

“It was as if everybody was monitoring every day for me,” she said.

Princess Diana had a harder time dealing with the press, from all appearances, than Kate does and reporters hounded her mercilessly. She was a commoner, although her family is aristocrat, but she was more isolated at the same time, and her reserved personality did not mix well with a public life.

It seems that Diana was indeed feeling the pressure from the press. In most cases, doctors and midwives do not rush the labor of their patients in the UK, unless there is risk to the mother or baby.

Even though it appears that Kate Middleton was actually overdue, she waited until things started happening naturally.

We do not have the details of how she actually delivered the baby at this time, but it seems she kept her wishes of delivering her first child the natural way.

Prince William’s mother also confided to Morton that she had a very bad delivery and was sick through out.

“We went in very early. I was sick as a parrot the whole way through the labor, very bad labor.” she added in transcripts of conversations she conducted with Andrew Morton for her book Diana: Her True Story.

Diana seemed to be a little upset with her husband Prince Charles and his interest in polo games without consideration of their child.

“When we had William we had to find a date in the diary (calendar) that suited him and his polo.”

Diana went on to say: “They wanted a Caesarean (the Palace), no one told me this until afterwards. Anyway, the boy (William) arrived, great excitement.” referring to Buckingham Palace.

Prince William’s mother was killed in a car accident in Paris, while eluding the paparazzi on August 31, 1997.