Boy Survives Inhaling Blowgun Dart

A 15-year-old boy inhaled a dart from a homemade blowgun, but managed to survive the ordeal after a visit to the hospital.

The dart penetrated into his neck and was lodged so deep into his airway that there were genuine fears that he might die as a result of his injury. Blowguns are, of course, built to allow those using them to fire darts at people with their exhaled breath.

It took the boy, who hails from Ohio, over three hours to reveal his freak injury to his parents, as he was immensely embarrassed. When they finally arrived at the emergency room, doctors took an x-ray to examine the full extent of his injury.

Before they set out to the hospital the boy’s parents were become more and more worried as he had been coughing for three hours. He simply told his mother and father that he had been playing with his brothers, rather than admitting to what had occurred.

Doctors then questioned him about the dart that was impaled into his throat, and it was at this point that he then finally owned up to having inhaled it.

The unnamed boy went on to admit that he had found instructions for how to build your own blowgun on the Internet. The dart was removed without further injury to the child, after doctors manage to insert a tube down his throat, which gave them a perfect view of his airways.

This then enabled them to find the perfect path to remove the dirty and sharp dart from his mouth. Doctors have gone on to admit that there have since been two more cases of teenage boys, who were aged 14 and 15 respectively, that inhaled darts from their own homemade contraptions.

Each of these darts were removed without any further complications, but doctors reiterated that they were lucky to not have been seriously injured.

[Image via JialiangGao/Wikimedia]