Dog Left In Hot Car Sets Off Car Alarm Alerting Police

Warnings against leaving dogs and children in hot cars have been issued a lot across the US and the UK due to heat waves.

Not everyone heads those warnings though as news of another dog trapped in an overheated car has started to make its way around the internet.

According to MSN Now, the ending to this story of a dog trapped in a hot car has a happy ending.

The Daily Mail reported that the dog had been left in the back of a blue Chrysler people carrier next to the seafront in Exmouth, Devon, for around an hour as temperatures got up into the 90’s on Friday afternoon.

Witnesses had both seen and heard the dog barking and yelping in the car where only the front windows had been left open slightly.

The dog caused such a ruckus, it actually set off the car’s alarm, drawing an even larger crowed until finally a police officer arrived on scene.

A police spokesman said: ‘The dog was in distress inside the car and had managed to set off the car alarm.

The officer broke in one of the back windows and from there the dog was removed from the car.

Richard Benford, who witnessed the incident, said:

“A lady who appeared to be some sort of animal warden climbed through the small smashed window to get the dog, which was brave because it could have bitten her.

“The dog was clearly distressed and hard to handle. They put wet towels on it before it was calm enough to push through the window. It was clearly traumatized and went out of control. It was shocking.”

When dealing with extreme heat, it is important to pay close attention to the warnings that are issued for the safety of you and your pets.

This dog trapped in a hot car was a very lucky dog indeed. Other news reports bring only bad news for these poor dogs and even children.

[photo credit: JKleeman via photopin cc]