Wife Eats Oreo Cream Filling Puts The Cookie Back In The Box, Husband Now Considering Divorce

A hungry wife is on the brink of divorce after she ate the cream filling from a box of Oreos, and then simply left the chocolate cookies in the box.

Her furious husband left her a short but simple message when he found the box, stating that he was now "considering divorce."

His wife decided to upload the photo of the guilty Oreos box, which is responsible for their impending split to her Reddit account, and the picture has since gone viral.

User showtunesaboutbacon uploaded the picture, and then added the caption, "Ate the cream from the oreo and put the cookies back in the bag - Woke up to find this note... I'm a monster [sic].'

His humorous retort created a buzz on the Reddit website, as users began to hurl abuse at the woman for parting the Oreo cookie cream from its base.

One user wrote, "OP is lucky that she found that note and not the actual divorce divorce papers. Really dodged a bullet there." Whilst another aded that the husband should get his own back on his wife by replacing the Oreo cream filling with toothpaste.

Clearly this tick had been played on the commentor, as he then added, "Takes two or three cookies to figure out exactly what is wrong."

Another user also described their anger at the incident, stating, "I have a buddy who's [sic] sister does this. The first time he told me about it I got all kinds of frustrated. I don't even know why." They then added, "I cannot wrap my mind around how someone thinks that this okay," before labelling the woman "the worst kind of person."

How do you normally eat you Oreo cookies? Would you ever just eat the cream and then throw away the cookie bases?

[Image via Reddit]