Monkey Attacks And Injures Child At Indian Zoo

An Indian boy is recovering in hospital after he was attacked by a vicious monkey in a zoo.

The irate monkey launched himself at the child in a zoo in Ratlam, Madhya Pradesh, and was seriously hurt in the incident. The macaque was only prised away from the child after his father and a zookeeper leapt into action.

The child, who is known as Raghav, was at the animal centre with his father, and the ordeal was captured by a bystander, who took various pictures.

In the images you can clearly see the boy with blood on both his hands and face, as his father and the zookeeper examine how to remove the primate from his body.

You can also clearly see the monkey’s teeth primed and ready to pounce, as he claws at the boy’s face and skin, who simply contorts in agony at his treatment.

Raghav’s father can also be seen fighting with the macaque, who clings to the child’s back. The zookeeper then arrives on the scene, having been drawn to the incident due to the howls of screaming.

Armed with a huge yellow stick, he strikes the monkey and is able to deliver several blows that ultimately make the animal scuttle away. Raghav is left in tears and looks to nurse his wounds, whilst the animal sprints away and bares its teeth to the watching audience, whilst shrieking too.

Raghav is said to have received severe injuries, and his current condition still remains unknown. Monkeys populate large areas of India, and they are known to steal food, break into homes, and there have even been reports that they’ve mugged people too.

Last month a pet monkey attacked a Texas police officer whilst he completed a traffic stop.

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[Image via Ronald Van Der Beek/Shutterstock]