Could Forgotten Beatles Song Make Digital Debut?

A seemingly lost song by The Beatles may finally make its way into the public hands — and, some speculation suggests, could be the Fab Four’s first foray into the domain of digital sales.

The song, called “Carnival of Light,” is a 14-minute tune recorded in 1967. Many have previously thought the track was a myth, Paul McCartney told BBC News in an interview set to be aired this Thursday. The other Beatles, he indicated, thought the song was too “adventurous” to release, and it was only played publicly once. It was also knocked off of the group’s 90s Anthology compilations by popular vote.

Now, McCartney says he has the master recording and would like it to see the light of day. Ringo, along with the estates of John and George, would have to sign off before it could happen. But, as CNET Digital Media’s Steven Musil points out, an online release may be the only feasible way for that to realistically happen, unless The Beatles put out an entire new album for the single track.

If the idea does get the go-ahead, an Internet release may not be as far-fetched as it sounds. Even though the group has long resisted online sales of its music, it did take a big step toward the digital world a few weeks ago with the announcement of an interactive Beatles video game experience. Created by the makers of Rock Band and backed by MTV Games, the video game will put The Beatles’ songs into a Rock Band-style game in which players take an “unprecedented, experiential progression through and celebration of the music and artistry” of the band. The game, which has legendary Beatles’ producer George Martin’s son on-board as music producer and has the blessings of all four Beatles families, is set to be released next year.

(Image courtesy MTV Games / Apple Corps Ltd.)