Royal Baby Name: James, George, And Henry Favored By Oddsmakers

The Royal Baby name will be announced at some point in the coming days, and betting odds are shifting to favor the name George.

While James was is still the front-runner for the royal baby’s name, it was quickly pointed out that Prince William already has a cousin called James – the Earl and Countess of Wessex’s son Viscount Severn.

James emerged as the favorite last night with 2/1 odds, ahead of George (5/1) and Henry, which is also sitting at 5/1. It should be noted that Henry is the given name of Williams’ brother Prince Harry.

The favorite was Princess Alexandra, with odds makers expecting a girl. Alexandria was given 7/4 odds.

According to bookmakers, the royal birth and the royal baby name have combined for the biggest non-sporting betting event of the year. In fact, Bookmakers Coral says its the biggest non-sporting event in the company’s history.

Betters are waging on everything from hair color and weight to time of birth and the royal baby name.

While the Royal Baby name is receiving bets, the royal family could wait a rather long time to announce the child’s name. In some cases, the royal family has waited until a royal baby’s christening to announce their name. Prince Charles’ name wasn’t revealed until one month after his birth.

What is more certain is that many British families are likely to copy the name for the next several generations of babies. We can expect a lot of little Georges, Jameses, or Henrys running around soon.

George is favored by many because of six Kings of England who carried the name. George was also the name of the Queen’s father and one of Prince Charles’ middle names.

If the family chooses to honor Kate Middleton’s family, they could go with her father’s name, Michael, or her father and grandfather’s middle name, Francis.

Francis would actually be perfect as Princess Diana’s middle name was Frances, the feminine form of Francis.

What would you choose for the Royal Baby name?