Royal Baby Born As Royal Family Makes Historic Twitter Announcement

The Royal Baby was born today and the official royal family announcement was made via Twitter.

For the first time in the monarchies history a royal birth announcement was made in 140 characters or less via the internet.

At 4:24pm the Clarence House, the official London residence of Prince William and Kate Middleton, tweeted a series of messages.

In notes that lacked the standard pomp and circumstance of Britain’s royal family workers tweeted that the royal baby was healthy, gave his weight to the world, and proclaimed that Kate Middleton was doing well and resting.

The tweets also revealed that Middleton and her new royal baby would stay overnight in the hospital for standard observation.

Pay close to the initial royal baby birth announcement which has received an impressive 13,067 retweets and 3,837 favorites at the time of this post.

Here is the timeline of tweets from the Clarence House:

The Clarence House made sure everyone knows that the royal family was told about the royal baby’s birth before the general public:

Not wanting to be outdone by @ClarenceHouse the Royal Family through its @British Monarchy account on Instagram posted the following official birth announcement:

Congratulation to Kate Middleton and Prince William on the healthy birth of their royal baby son.