Arlington’s Million Dollar Bus Stop Is Breaking Down In The Summer Heat

A $1 million bus stop built in Arlington, Virginia was constructed to withstand the cold winter months. Unfortunately, the bus stop’s creators didn’t take into account the blistering heat of summer.

Only a short time after launching, the infamous bus stop is facing problems. Located on the corner of Columbia Pike and Walter Reed Drive, the bus stop features heated concrete and a large digital screen that tells passengers when the next bus will be arriving.

What designers didn’t realize was that hot days could fry the bus stop’s expensive display system. According to Arlington Now, the screen is currently out of service, and an apology note has been posted. The note reads:

“Due to the extreme temperatures, our monitor displaying bus arrivals is not operational. We are working on the problem.”

Technicians were forced to order a new cooling fan for the $1 million bus stop. The fan will run on hot days to ensure that the bus stops display does not overheat.

The bus stops display issues are expected to be fixed “within the next two weeks.”

While the $1 million bus stop awaits repairs, a sign tells smartphone users how to look up bus arrival times via their smartphone.

In the meantime, Arlington County is using $21 million to build 23 more bus stops along Columbia Pike. The bus stops will double as streetcar stations.

City officials are now looking for better bids for each bus stop after public outcry over the first station’s huge price tag.

Perhaps if city officials are going to spend $1 million on bus stops, they should make sure to include both heating and cooling functions.

Do you think $1 million is too much to pay for the construction of a bus stop, even if it does double as a street car terminal?