Wacko Jacko is being sued, and not by former sleep over buddies

The UK Telegraph is reporting that the King of Bahrain’s son, Sheikh Abdulla Bin Hamad Bin Isa Al-Khalifa is suing Michael Jackson, aka Wacko Jacko for millions of dollars in a London court.

The Sheikh, wasn’t a former “sleep over” pal at Jacko’s Neverland Ranch, rather he met the “king of pop” when Jackson spent time lying low in Bahrain after he was found not guilty of child abuse in 2005.

During his time in Bahrain, the Sheikh allegedly built Jackson a recording studio, paid him a $6.7m advance for two albums, a show and an autobiography, and gave him a $268,000 Rolls Royce.

The Sheikh says Jackson kept the money but did not make the albums, stage show or autobiography as promised. Apparently the Sheikh loaned him the money as an advance, to help with the financial issues, it wasn’t as if he actually wanted to hear the music.

In his defense, Jackson claims the payments he received were “gifts”. He would know all about those.

The issue is listed for trial before the High Court and security staff are making preparations should Jackson appear. All children have been banned from the courts, and additional supplies of blankets and burkhas have been shipped in.