Liam Gallagher Fires Female Assistant In Post-Love Child Makeover Attempt

Liam Gallagher has fired his female assistant. A new press release from Liam’s management company says his assistant was getting “too close” to the married singer. The company is worried that their relationship is bad during a time when it was revealed that Liam fathered a love child with a rock & roll reporter.

Quest management, the company that manages Gallagher’s career and his band Beady Eye tells The Sun:

Liam and Debbie have become too close for comfort for management. It doesn’t look good for them if there appears to be flirting between an employee and their star. She has left — but not on her own terms.”

The assistant, Debbie Gwyther, is said to have been comforting the singer after news of the musicians love child broke.

Gallagher has been married to Nicole Appleton for the last five years, and reports suggest that the couple’s marriage is now on the rocks.

Exactly how close have Liam and Debbie become? Photos show the pair swimming together and laughing on the very same day news of his love child surfaced. Liam and Debbie Gwyther were on a Spanish island awaiting a Beady Eye performance.

A source says Nicole is currently in the United States. The source says the couple have not talked since Liam phoned his wife to admit that the love child is his.

Nicole’s father says he isn’t sure if Nicole will fight to save her marriage or take her 7-month-old child and go her separate way. Nicole and Liam also have a 12-year-old son named Gene. Liam has two older children from two previous relationships.

In the meantime, Nicole Appleton was recently spotted on vacation in Florida where she was smiling from ear to ear while taking in some rays. Nicole’s family members even made peace signals and waved at reports who showed up to grab some photos of the singer’s wife.

Do you think firing his female assistant after the love child story broke was a smart move? Can not working with a female member of his entourage really help save Liam Gallagher’s image?