Heisenberg Mask Lets Bryan Cranston Go Unnoticed At Comic-Con

Bryan Cranston used a Heisenberg mask to disguise himself at Comic-Con this year.

If you aren’t familiar with the actor’s hit show Breaking Bad, you should know that Heisenberg, AKA Walter White, looks pretty much identical to Cranson. You know, since they share the same face and all.

Still, Comic-Con fans weren’t aware that the actor was walking among them until Cranston took off the Heisenberg mask for the Breaking Bad panel.

Cranston said: “So it was fun meeting you, and you met me!”

But that wasn’t the end of Cranston’s fun. The actor started kissing his mask as his co-star Aaron Paul, AKA Jesse Pinkman, tried to answer a question from the audience.

Once Cranston was done fooling around with the Heisenberg mask he settled down to answer some questions about the show. Cranston said that one of the most powerful moments for his character came when he let Jesse’s girlfriend Jane die from an overdose.

Cranston said: “The most culpable moment came when he recognized this girl could die and he doesn’t do anything about it.”

Here are some photos of Brian Cranston, and his Heisenberg mask, at Comic-Con.

Do you think Brian Cranston wins the “costume of the year” award?

[Image Via Twitter]