Dennis Farina Star Of ‘Law & Order’ Has Died, Aged 69

Dennis Farina, better knows as Joe Fontana from the 27th detective squad of the New York City police department on the show Law & Order has died.

The details of the circumstances surrounding his death aren’t 100 percent clear at this time. TMZ reports, though that he died from a blood clot on his lung.

Dennis Farina was born in February 1944 in Chicago to Sicilian-American parents. He was a cop in the burglary division of the Chicago police department for over 18 years before becoming an actor and turning his career attention to the big screen.

Perhaps his time serving as a police officer set him in good stead for the numerous roles he portrayed in his life as either a mobster or police officer.

He is well known for his role as mobster Jimmy Serrano in the classic Midnight Run movie. His most recent television role was in HBO’s Luck.

Dennis Farina is best remembered for being the tough guy that made everyone laugh.

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