Dina Lohan Drunk Dialed Rehabbing Lindsay [Report]

If Lindsay Lohan really wants to make sobriety stick this time around, she should probably steer clear of her train wreck of a mother.

According to TMZ, Dina Lohan was banned from participating in Lindsay’s recovery after placing a drunken phone call to her daughter a few weeks ago.

Shortly before Lindsay’s birthday on July 2, sources say that a Cliffside rehab rep got Dina on the phone to talk to her daughter. But apparently, the stench of alcohol was coming through the phone so strong that the clinic official decided to cut Dina off before she could speak to Lindsay.

The rehab team apparently feels so strongly about Dina that they’ve decided it is best for Lindsay to cut communication with her mom for the remainder of her stay.

Lindsay’s relationship with her mother has long been troubled, though the two have stood by each other through a number of controversies. Last fall, Lindsay even called the cops on Dina after the two were clubbing together in New York.

The bizarre incident saw Lindsay calling her mother the devil after a verbal, and perhaps violent, altercation. The next morning, both insisted that everything was on the up-and-up.

Dina also recently spoke to the New York Daily News about Lindsay’s post-rehab plans, and said that her daughter will return to New York to live with her.

“She’s not going to live in Los Angeles. She will definitely start back home (in New York) with all of us (her family).”

She also said that she’s going to throw Lindsay a “pool party” when she gets out.

But Dina’s plans might not match Lindsay’s. Recent reports suggest that she’s going to avoid Los Angeles and, it is implied, New York to go off the grid for a little while and continue her recovery on her own terms.

What we do know for sure is that she’ll be interviewed by Oprah Winfrey and has been paid $2 million for a short docu-series about her life.

I’m really pulling for Lindsay Lohan, and I really think that if she can make sobriety stick this time around, her next “comeback” attempt will put her back to the status she enjoyed before all of her personal troubles. It’s none of my business to suggest that Lindsay should do, but I really hope she steers clear of her mother for a while.

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