Puck From The Real World Jailed For Domestic Violence

David Rainey, AKA Puck, AKA the grossest most notorious roommate on any season of The Real World ever, is in jail following a domestic violence arrest.

According to TMZ, Puck was arrested on July 13 and charged with “inflicting bodily injury on a woman.” She may have been his spouse of girlfriend, it’s unclear. The report says that he tried to stop her from calling the police, and he is also charged with trying to prevent her from reporting the incident.

The headline probably sounds familiar because this is hardly Puck’s first run-in with the law. In 2011, he was arrested for stalking, and began his sentence in 2012. If convicted on domestic violence charges, he could be sent away for up to 19 years.

It could shape up to be an ignoble end for the ignoblest of Real World houseguests. Rainey was a member of The Real World: San Francisco cast in 1994, and is best remembered for a number of highly disgusting personal habits.

Outside of just plain gross things like picking his nose and then scooping peanut butter from a jar with the same sticky finger, Puck was notable for his incredibly antagonistic relationship with his fellow castmates, including HIV-positive AIDS educator Pedro Zamora.

He also became notorious for being the second Real World cast member to be evicted from the show. Real World isn’t like Big Brother… eviction is reserved for only the most unbearable of roommates. Kind of like in the actual real world.

Still, Puck’s conflict with Zamora is part of what made the young MTV program such a hit, and he is still frequently cited as one of TV’s “greatest villains.”