Vicious Bambi 1: Maryland Lobbyist 0 is reporting that Gilbert Genn, a Maryland lobbyist was attacked by a deer outside his home which stabbed him with its antlers when he went to take his dog Yuffie (not a typo) for a walk.

Genn tried to stop the deer attacking Yuffie and was a little too successful as it decided to take him on instead. You can’t make this stuff up.

“It came right at me, from about 10 feet away. I tried to run at an angle, but it caught me flush in the back right leg, impaled me with its weight, knocked me to the ground. It started to come right at my face with its antlers.”

The buck gored Genn in the chest, but he managed to kick it in the belly.

“It impaled me in the groin area. At that point, literally, I took the antler and pulled it out of me.”

Genn said one of his first thoughts was Steve Irwin, although Genn obviously lived to tell the tale and presumably doesn’t randomly yell CRIKEY!

Genn went on to accuse the deer of being a Republican.

“Not to get too partisan, but I’m convinced it was a Republican deer, because it happened right where we had our Obama sign. And all the deer could do was attack, attack, attack. So it had to be a Republican deer.”

This claim is suspicious because clearly no self respecting deer would suppport a ticket that had Palin on it, that would be like voting for genocide.