New Pokemon X & Y Gameplay Footage Hits The Internet [Video]

Gameplay footage from the new Pokemon X & Y video game made its way online today.

According to, the new Nintendo 3DS game was showcased on the Japanese show Pokemon Smash TV Show earlier this week. More than three minutes of Gameplay footage was made available on YouTube shortly after the television broadcast.

The new Pokemon X & Y gameplay footage features surfing, fishing, battles and some images of the coastal environments.

The Polygon writes: “The video shows an early-game battle between a player’s starter Froakie and a level five Fletchling, which the player catches. The video also shows a sequence from later on in the game, as the player fights an Octillery with the recently revealed sword-like Honedge, and surfs across the sea to an island.”

Gaming Union reports that the new games will be the first in the series to be released for Nintendo 3DS. Pokemon X & Y will feature new pokemon and 3D graphics.

In addition to the gameplay footage, Pokemon fans also got a glimpse of the latest Anime season.

You can watch the gameplay footage from Pokemon X & Y, which will be released on Nintendo 3DS on October 12, as well as the new Anime trailer, below.