‘Green’ Coca Cola Hits Shelves In Argentina

A “green” Coca Cola beverage is currently being tested in Argentina.

Before you get worked up about the color of your favorite soda, it’s worth noting that the drink still looks very much like traditional Coke. The only thing different about the appearance is the absence of the company’s iconic red logo.

Released under the name Coca Cola Life, the new soda replaces all of that sugar with a healthier substitute called stevia. Unfortunately for curious beverage guzzlers, the latest offering is only available in Argentina.

Not only is company giving the bottle a green label, Coca Cola Life is also packaged in something called PlantBottle. This fully-recyclable packaging is manufactured using 30 percent planet material. Not only is the drink healthier for your body, the bottle is also better for the environment.

The company’s decision to test Coca Cola Life in Argentina stems from the fact that stevia is native to South America. Since people in this region are more familiar with the ingredient, the bottler has decided to test the new beverage there before rolling it out elsewhere.

Pepsi’s CEO claims that stevia really doesn’t work well in carbonated beverages. However, this hasn’t stopped the company from using the ingredient in the Australian version of their sodas.

However, the absence of sugar doesn’t necessarily mean the “green” Coca Cola beverage doesn’t contain any calories. The soda sports around 108 calories per serving, which is still considerably less than Coke’s usual 252 calories. As always, moderation is the key to enjoyment.

Coca Cola has been experimenting quite a bit here lately. The Inquisitr previously reported that the company unveiled an ice bottle in Colombia this summer. The chilly packaging is only available for a limited time, so be sure to book your trip to the country as soon as possible.

Here’s a picture of the bottle in question.

What do you think about the “green” Coca Cola Life?

[Image via hans engbers / Shutterstock.com]