Geraldo Rivera Selfie: Reporter Thinks Twice, Deletes Nearly Nude Pic

Geraldo Rivera posted a shirtless, nearly naked selfie onto Twitter this weekend. Unfortunately for the people who want to see the 70-year-old newsman naked (there has to be a few, right?), Rivera has deleted the photo.

Rivera must have been feeling pretty good about his body this weekend. The 70-year-old stood in front of a mirror with his towel hanging dangerously low around his waist and took a photo of himself.

Rivera posted the selfie onto Twitter with the message: “70 is the new 50.”

Geraldo may look great for his age but that doesn’t mean that the internet wants to see him naked. The reporter’s Twitter page quickly filled with insulting comments from people who wanted to “unsee” the photo.

It’s unclear if Rivera was bothered by the criticism or if his wife told him to take down the photo. Either way, the shirtless Geraldo Rivera selfie is gone from the newsman’s Twitter page.

In it’s place is the following message: “No tweeting after 1 am.”

But don’t worry internet, IQ is here to provide you with all of your naked Geraldo Rivera needs. So keep scrolling, if you dare.

geraldo rivera

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