'Saints Row IV' Trailer Unleashes A Giant Furry [Video]

A new Saints Row IV trailer is rife with a new kind of terror. It's a giant furry.

Saints Row IV has been known for some time for its outrageous sense of humor. Developer Volition threw in everything they could to make it bigger than Saints Row The Third, and things got kind of ridiculous.

Saints Row IV follows the shenanigans of the newly elected President of the US; once just the leader of the Third Street Saints, now the leader of the free world. His authority over so many people comes in handy when aliens drop in and capture all of humanity, plugging everybody into a virtual reality simulator. Our fearless leader inherits the abilities of a super hero and fights off the aliens in the simulated version of Steelport. The concept is a little like Assassin's Creed, only ridiculous.

The latest Saints Row IV trailer literally drops a giant furry on the population right from the start. As part of a special pre-order bonus, Saints Row IV is giving you a giant cat suit. The Saints Row IV trailer doesn't go into a lot of detail, except to tell us that the giant furry is part of the bonus if you buy the game ahead of time. It could be that the President himself gets into the giant suit and controls it reminiscent of Pacific Rim, or he grows really large, puts on the suit, and then just skydives into the city that way.

You may be asking what a "furry" is by this point. For those who follow anime, a furry is a human who dresses like an animal with fur. Yes, the Disney theme parks are full of furries who greet guests.

When the giant furry drops in on the new Saints Row IV trailer, it proceeds to simply stand there and make fun of the fleeing populace.

Does this Saints Row IV trailer make you want to pre-order the game? What do you think of the bonus giant furry?