Bonnie Anna Kerlin Makes Dolphin Laugh With Acrobatics

Bonnie Anna Kerlin of FunDipped Productions has managed to gain the attention of a dolphin housed inside an aquarium.

In a relatively new YouTube video, Kerlin performs a set of back flips, cartwheels, and other tumbling maneuvers in front of the aquariums glass.

While several dolphins continue with their swim, one of the little swimmers stops and watches.

After a few seconds, the dolphin starts laughing at the goofy human and her waterless acrobatics.

For years, humans have questioned the intelligence of dolphins. After watching Bonnie Anna Kerlin, this dolphin is probably questioning the intelligence of humans.

The YouTube video was uploaded by FunDippedProductions on June 14, 2013, and it has already reached 70,676 views.

Check out the dolphin video and let us know what you think.