Kelly Rowland Rescued By Coast Guard After Boat Drifts Off-Course

Kelly Rowland was rescued by the Coast Guard on Friday after her private boat drifted off-course.

Authorities said the singer was one of four passengers who became lost at sea off the coast of Cape Cod. The ship’s captain was reportedly following a whale-watching vessel when he lost sight of it and became disoriented.

The ship was in the vicinity of the Stellwagen National Marine Sanctuary when the captain lost his way. To make matters worse for everyone on-board, 30 mph winds, large waves, and fog pushed them further off-course. The boat was apparently bobbing around the water for around 12 hours before help arrived.

Although Kelly Rowland and her shipmates were a little freaked out by the experience, none of them were any worse for wear. The Coast Guard reportedly contacted a towboat to help get everyone safely back to shore.

A TowboatUS Provincetown employee told E! News that the Coast Guard was able to triangulate the boat’s location after officials learned it was lost at sea. The employee added that everyone was exhausted when they finally reached shore.

“They just wanted to get off the boat,” the anonymous individual added.

Although Kelly Rowland was rescued during her high-seas adventure, the singer didn’t seem too bothered by the incident. The singer soon posted pictures of her time in Provincetown on Instagram.

“Loving P-Town!!!!!! The happiest place on Earth!” she captioned one photo.

Now that Kelly Rowland has returned to dry land, she can begin focusing on the upcoming season of The X Factor. Joining the singer on the singing competition are Paulina Rubio, Demi Lovato, and Simon Cowell. The new season kicks off with a two-night premiere this September.

Are you a fan of Kelly Rowland? What do you think about the singer getting lost at sea for over 12 hours while enjoying the sights on her private boat?

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