Nicolas Winding Refn Discusses ‘Barbarella’ TV Show, ‘Logan’s Run’ Remake

Only God Forgives director Nicolas Winding Refn recently opened up about his failed Logan’s Run remake and the upcoming Barbarella TV show.

Although the controversial filmmaker is currently making waves with his latest violent endeavor starring Ryan Gosling, he intends to shift gears in the near future. Instead of emulating an acid trip, Refn wants to make something his daughters can watch.

During his chat with Collider, Nicolas Winding Refn discussed his interest in creating something for television. According to the director, the ability to develop the characters on a much deeper level prompted him to take the adventures of Barbarella to the small screen.

“I have daughters, so I felt I wanted to do a show that they could see. I think that television has become really, really interesting, in terms of character development. You can have 13 hours to develop a character, as opposed to 25 minutes in a movie. That excites me,” he explained.

Unfortunately for fans of Nicolas Winding Refn, his proposed remake of the sci-fi flick Logan’s Run is currently dead in the water. The filmmaker said the project ultimately fell apart due to scheduling and commitment issues.

“I didn’t feel like I was ready when they needed to go, and I didn’t want to hold anybody up on it. It was a great experience, developing the movie. I had a great time, but it just was not the right time,” the filmmaker explained.

Refn’s latest cinematic effort Only God Forgives is currently showing in theaters right now. The film’s hallucinatory imagery and dark themes are definitely much different than the other movies currently clogging theaters. Even if you hate the film, you have to admire the director’s spunk.

“You can’t define this film as good or bad because it’s insignificant. It’s more about the experience. The conversations are an example of success because then you know whatever you’ve done has resonated,” he told the website.

Oddly enough, Nicolas Cage recently said the same thing about his 2006 horror flick The Wicker Man. Although it’s universally hated by most moviegoers, Cage said the fact that people are still discussing the flick makes it a success.

“The fact that that movie has been so lambasted means there’s an inner trembling and power to that movie. It has become an electromagnetic movie! And so I love it,” the actor explained.

Are you a fan of Nicolas Winding Refn? What do you think about the director’s small-screen adaptation of the classic sci-fi tale Barbarella?

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