My Sisterwife’s Closet So-Called Business Rattles ‘Sister Wives’ Season Premiere

My Sisterwife’s Closet was at the center of the Sister Wives season four premiere of the TLC reality show on Sunday night. As everybody probably already knows, Sister Wives is the story of Kody Brown and his four wives Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn.

For reasons best known to Brown, he thought it would be a good idea to get famous for having four wives. I suppose in honor of the complete crash of the Las Vegas real estate market, they’ve moved from Utah to Vegas so that each so-called sister wife can have her own house.

In the season premiere of Sister Wives, the focus is placed squarely on their My Sisterwife’s Closet business, which features jewelry about as original as you’d expect from somebody who still thinks polygamy is cool. Outside of Utah and Uganda, I’m going to say that most of the credibility for that lifestyle has been left somewhere back in 600 BC.

But that’s me.

According to the Hollywood Life recap of the Sister Wives episode, Brown and his wives have to make this business profitable to afford the four houses. I think their chances are slim and none, unless all Utah wants to come out and support their business just to keep them from moving back.

Trouble is, as the Sister Wives premiere reveals, when they try to hawk their jewelry to the Mormon community in St. George, they get the big brush-off. Nobody’s interested in what they’re selling.

Not their merchandise. And not their reality TV circus freak lifestyle.

And even the Sister Wives themselves don’t really believe in this c**p.

Here’s a key quote from wife Christine: “I’m giving my support if I come to the [business] meetings. If I don’t groan during the meetings and roll my eyes and walk out early, that’s good support.”

One problem with My Sisterwife’s Closet designs is that they lack heart, originality, and understanding. For instance, as a longtime resident of New Orleans, I’m a little peeved to see that four reality TV stars from Utah feel free to help themselves to the fleur-de-lys in their designs.

The Sister Wives don’t seem to possess the slightest bit of understanding that the fleur-de-lys has become the symbol of the rise of New Orleans from the ruins of Hurricane Katrina. It is not just a random symbol of confidence.

And there’s another problem. “That has been over done. The fad is over,” as one poster noted on a Facebook page photo showing the My Sisterwife’s Closet fleur-de-lys earrings.

And of course there’s the expected reaction to the Sister Wives season premiere from Twitter:

Frankly, I have to agree. If you’re not important enough to have your own husband all to yourself, then trying to become a reality TV star is not going to fill the hole in your life.

TV is littered with the broken spirits of people who thought getting rich and famous would be a replacement for genuine love.

You’re welcome to post your own opinion. But I won’t be watching Sister Wives or patronizing My Sister Wives Closet.

[photos courtesy My Sisterwife’s Closet via Facebook]