Kate Middleton Baby Name Speculation Begins As Duchess Goes Into Labor

Kate Middleton has yet to announce a baby name, but within minutes of the Duchess of Cambridge entering a London hospital to go into labor speculation on the internet kicked into overdrive to guess the name of the royal baby.

After months of waiting and what appeared to be days past her due date, Kate was finally admitted to St. Mary’s Hospital in London with early stages of labor.

While the world waits to meet the little boy or girl in line to inherit the throne, the royal baby name speculation has reached a new high. For months already websites have speculated on the royal baby’s name and some offered the chance to wager on it. Favorites are Elizabeth for a girl at 8-to-1 odds with Frances and Anne both in the running at 10-to-1 odds. Other sites put the odds on Alexandra at 7-to-4.

If the royal baby is a boy the odds lie with John and Charles, both at 10-to-1 odds, with Philip (14-to-1) and Edwards (16-to-1) also in the picture. Those hoping to strike it rich can bet on Psy, the name of the Korean pop star, at 5,000-to-1 odds.

Whatever name Prince William and Kate MIddleton picks for their baby, it will have to meet certain historic standards, so the typical celebrity oddball name is out of the question.

“You have to remember they are naming the future king or queen. So you won’t want to see something silly, like Queen Suri, which would be fine if you are playing dress-up, but it is not quite appropriate for when you are the queen of 16 nations. They are going to be very careful when naming their child, so we will see something traditional,” Victoria Arbiter, ABC’s royals contributor and daughter of former Queen Elizabeth II press secretary Dickie Arbiter, told E! News.

If history is any indication, Kate MIddleton’s baby name may not be known for quite some time. A week passed before the public learned William’s name, and Charles’ name wasn’t announced for a whole month.