Royal Baby On The Way: Where To Watch The Livestreams

The royal baby is officially on the way! Kate Middleton went into labor on Monday and was taken to St. Marys Hospital by car shortly before 6 am local time.

With the announcement that Kate Middleton is in labor, several news agencies have set up livestreams and even a live video feed of the London hospital.

While the livestreams aren't exciting yet, they will likely be watched by thousands hoping to catch their glimpse of a royal official leaving the hospital to deliver news of the royal baby's arrival.

According to the latest news, there is no indication that the Duchess of Cambridge's labor was induced. The Palace noted that her labor is progressing normally.

Live video of the royal baby watch at St. Marys is being provided by ABC News, Sky News, and several other agencies who have been set up outside the private London hospital for days. Along with video, they are also providing a livestream of events surrounding the royal baby's birth.

Those events include the gathering of crowds, background on the royal family, and eventually an announcement that Kate Middleton has given birth. But despite the fact that the Duchess of Cambridge is in labor, it could be a long time before the royal baby is actually born.

When watching the livestream of the royal baby's birth (from outside the hospital, of course), the main thing to look for will be a person leaving the hospital with an envelope. The envelope will be delivered to Buckingham Palace, where it will be displayed on a wooden easel in the front courtyard.

The paper will give information about the royal baby, including the time of birth, weight, length, and sex -- which Kate Middleton and Prince William reportedly do not know.

You can find a livestream of the royal baby's birth here.