Apple Security Breach Included Development Center

Apple suffered a security breach last week that included its online Development Center. The iOS Development Center was shut down for three days without an explanation.

While some suspected that Apple may have suffered a security breach, it wasn’t confirmed until developers began to receive an email from the company.

The Huffington Post reports that the company hasn’t ruled out that the names of developers, their mailing addresses, and their email addresses had been accessed. However, Apple assured its security breach didn’t affect customer information.

The latter from Apple explained that the “intruder” broke into the company’s systems on Thursday in an attempt “to secure personal information of our registered developers from our developer website.”

In response to the breach, Apple took the site down and has been working extensively to find out where the breach came from and what the hackers were able to access.

Tech Crunch notes that the hack only affected the accounts of iOS developers and standard iTunes accounts have not been affected. No credit card data was compromised either. Apple waited three days to inform its customers of the breach, because they were researching to find out what data was exposed.

An Apple rep also told the website that there is no timetable yet for when its Development Center will be up and running. The company’s statement added that it is working to completely overhaul its systems. Apple is also updating its server software and rebuilding its database.

In the wake of Apple’s security breach, dozens of developers have reported receiving unsolicited password reset requests — likely the result of the hackers attempting to reset passwords and access customer accounts. Apple’s email added, “We apologize for the significant inconvenience that our downtime has caused you and we expect to have the developer website up again soon.”

Were you affected by Apple’s security breach that targeted its developer website?