Ohio Tornado Damages Ursuline College

Melissa Stusinski

A tornado in Ohio damaged Ursuline College on Saturday morning. The 110-mph wind vortex collapsed a wall at the school's athletic center and damaged other buildings.

Thankfully, the twister caused no injuries, according to local officials. Ursuline College is located in northeast Ohio. Only a few students were on campus when the tornado hit, but they weren't near the athletic center at the time.

The Ohio tornado was labeled an EF1 and struck around 3:35 am local time northwest of the college, reports USA Today. From there, it continued across part of the campus. Its widest point was about 100-200 yards and its path was 1.3 miles long.

Sister Diana Stano, president of the 1,500-student college near Cleveland, stated of the tornado, "The blessing is that there was no loss of life or injury."

The storm caused an external wall of the O'Brien Athletic Center to collapse. It also destroyed a portion of the roof and damaged the Dauby Science Center and the Ralph M. Besse Library.

College spokeswoman Angela DelPrete explained that that five students were on Ursuline College's campus when the tornado hit. they were all about 1,000 feet from the gym. Photos from the weather service showed splintered wood and support beams of the gym, according to The Global Post.

The college was founded by Roman Catholic nuns and was the first women's college in Ohio. Men are also accepted at the school. Sister Stano added that Ursuline was accepted last week as an NCAA Division II school. But now the school's teams have no place to play.

The school's campus will remain closed at least through Sunday while the damage from the Ohio tornado is assessed. It is not clear if the gymnasium will be salvageable. The university announced that it is working on a recovery plan and will begin a disaster relief fund to help with repairs.

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