Urine Balloon Used To Attack Young Lemonade Stand Operator, Hate Crime Possible

A urine filled water balloon was used to attack a 12-year-old boy as he ran a lemonade stand.

The attack — which occurred in Fairfax County, Virginia — has been called a potential hate crime.

The young boy and a sibling setup their lemonade stand in front of the Camden Monument Place Apartments. According to witnesses, a person wearing a full-body leotard decorated with a design of the internal human anatomy excited one of the buildings at the complex and proceeded to attack the lemonade stand owners.

The 12-year-old boy who was attacked by the urine filled balloon said, as the man approached him, he shouted “do not throw that at me.”

The leotard wearing criminal then threw a red balloon, which hit the boy in his thigh. The identity concealing individual then retreated back into the complex of buildings.

The boy smelled urine but continued to operate his Lemonade stand.

A few moments later from the second or third floor of a nearby building, the boy heard:

“Go back to Africa you [expletives]! It was only piss.”

In a search warrant, police officers confirm the boy’s story with help from a bystander. Camden Monument’s community manager told police that the same person had been witnessed around the courtyard on several other occasions.

The building manager says, in every incident, the individual has been spotted wearing the same identity concealing leotard. The man who threw the urine filled balloon had allegedly attempted a similar stunt in the past, but the balloon failed to puncture upon impact.

After the child’s father heard about the attack, he alerted Fairfox police.

Because of the rhetoric used following the attack, the individual, if caught, could face hate crime charges on top of his battery charge.

Fairfax police have not discovered the identity of the leotard wearing, urine throwing balloon criminal.