Bill Nye Worried: Jenny McCarthy Will Bring Incorrect Vaccination Info To ‘The View’

Jenny McCarthy is the newest female to join the cast of The View, and that fact isn’t sitting well with science guru Bill Nye.

McCarthy has a history of talking about the severe negative effects of vaccinations despite the fact that not a single credible source exists to verify her vaccination claims.

Speaking to the Huffington Post, Bill Nye reveals:

“I am concerned that Ms. McCarthy will encourage parents to prevent their kids from getting vaccinated.”

Nye admits that parents should ultimately have the final say for their child’s medical care but adds:

“We must all keep in mind that regulations requiring vaccinations are not only created to protect a kid from extant germs; vaccinations also protect my kid from yours.”

Jenny McCarthy became an advocate for non-vaccination after her son developed autism. A prior study had discovered a direct link between the spectrum disorder and vaccinations. After the study was published, the researcher in charge of the report admitted to lying about their finds. The original report has now been greatly discredited.

Bill Nye and other scientists point to a 2013 study published in the Journal of Pediatrics, which finds no causal link between vaccines and autism.

While he might be scared of the words that could come out of Jenny McCarthy’s mouth, Bill Nye does see an upside for The Views’s watchers:

“A show like ‘The View,’ like any story or show that holds your attention, depends on conflict. So, here’s hoping they promote this conflict, or at least vigorous disagreement, about the role of science in medicine and in our technologically advanced society. I believe Ms. McCarthy’s views will be discredited.”

Do you think Jenny McCarthy will be discredited by her fellow talk show hosts and experts if she takes her vaccination views to her new talk show gig?

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