Father, Brandon Krenzler, Gives Leukemia Stricken Daugher Marijuana

Not everyone is supportive of a father’s choice to give his leukemia stricken daughter marijuana, but he still insists it’s best thing to do.

Brandon Krenzler has been giving his 7-year-old daughter, MyKayla, marijuana ever since she received her terrifying diagnosis. “Before the marijuana,” he said. “she did not want to eat anything. She was unhappy. She was overly fatigued. Basically, she was experiencing everything you would not want your daughter to experience.”

Krenzler added that his daughter wouldn’t have the same quality of life if she didn’t have marijuana. “She would be in pain for her continuous bone marrow biopsies and lumbar punctures. She would be under the influence of narcotic drugs such as Vicodin and OxyContin.”

MyKayla even admitted that she was very tired before using marijuana and said that she just wanted to watch movies all day.

The Oregon dad admitted that not everyone has supported his decision to give his daughter marijuana even though it is legal in Oregon. “The doctor’s response was not very good at all,” he said. “She called us, basically, criminals.”

Brandon Krenzler is not the only parent who has given a cancer stricken child marijuana. In 2011, a Montana father gave his 2-year-old son marijuana through his feeding tube.

Mike Hyde said that the marijuana helped his son eat better and feel better. “When he started the chemo, he was so sick,” he said. “For the first six weeks, he was blind. But his tumor was shrinking… It’s the nastiest thing to see someone you love go through this.”

“In two weeks he was weaned of all the nausea drugs, and he was eating again and sitting up in and laughing,” Hyde added.

Do you agree with Brandon Krenzler’s decision to give his leukemia stricken daughter marijuana? If your child had cancer, would you give her marijuana?