Melissa Rauch At Comic-Con 2013 Moderates ‘Big Bang Theory’ Panel

Melissa Rauch is at Comic-Con 2013 for The Big Bang Theory, moderating panels for the delight of costumed nerds.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Comic-Con 2013 has seen a lot of famous faces and big announcements. Even giant robots joined Comic-Con.

Steven Hawking kicked off the Big Bang Theory Comic-Con panel by singing the show’s theme song. From there, Melissa Rauch took over as panel moderator. At one point, a Boba Fett wearing geek asked why the actors claim Johnny Galecki is difficult to work with. When Melissa Rauch pressed the man to unmask himself, it turned out to be Johnny Galecki himself!

Melissa Rauch has been featured in famous TV shows like The Big Bang Theory and True Blood. Melissa Rauch plays the spirited microbiologist Bernadette Rostenkowski-Wolowitz, who, in the TV show, is newly married to astronaut and engineer Howard Wolowitz.

While some Big Bang Theory stars like Mayim Bialik are scientists in real life, Melissa Rauch joked, “I’m actually a 6-foot-4 African-American dude.”

Apparently, Melissa Rauch had a good time at Comic-Con 2013 because she posted about it on Twitter:

The writers of The Big Bang Theory apparently feel like they need to have an episode focus on San Diego’s Comic-Con:

“From the first time we came here we said ‘Oh my God we have to figure out a way to film an episode at San Diego Comic-Con…. [But] we shoot on a stage, and we’re just not very good at filming out in the real world. So it remains a really good idea we have yet to find a solution to.”

Did you enjoy Melissa Rauch moderating Comic-Con 2013’s Big Bang Theory panel?