Henry Cavill Talks About Life And Superman Vs. Batman [Video]

Henry Cavill is the man of the moment at San Diego International Comic-Con and is talking some about how life has changed and the new movie Superman/Batman.

As in any Comic-Con, reporters have greater access to the stars and they are particularly interested in British actor Henry Cavill, who stars as Superman in Man of Steel.

Henry’s performance was received very well by fans and critics alike and the movie continues to be a great success around the world, almost reaching $700 million so far. Japan, which is a big market is set to premiere Man of Steel August.

Now a superstar in his own right the press caught up with Henry in the Halls of Comic-Con 2013.

Explaining how life has changed from relative obscurity back in England to being the center of attention Henry says,

“The private life is considerably reduced. People seem to know where I am and what I’m doing at all times. You know it’s interesting, but it’s new and I’m going to have to learn to adapt to it.” Henry Cavill told reporter Terri Schwartz from Zap 2 It.

Cavill was at the Warner Bros. red carpet for the 75th Anniversary Celebration of Superman event on Saturday.

Asked by another interviewer who he thought would be a good Batman, since Christian Bale announced that he would never play the character again, Henry Cavill responded,

“As the next Batman? That’s a really hard choice. I’d have to think about it long, long and hard. It depends on how they’re planning on presenting Batman. So I don’t have an answer that because they could bring in a young guy, could bring in an older version, it all depends on what direction they’re planning on going.”

He was also asked to pick another superhero he would like to play,

“That’s impossible to answer, first I get to be the grandaddy and now you want me not to be the grandaddy?” he responds jokingly. “If I had to pick another superhero to play, it would have to be The Flash, because it’s unusual.”

What do you think of Henry Cavill’s responses to Superman vs. Batman?