Cedar Cove TV Series Debuts On Hallmark Channel

The Cedar Cove TV series debuted on the Hallmark Channel Saturday night. The series is based on a set of beloved novels by Debbie Macomber.

The series follows the residents of Cedar Cove, Washington. The main character in the series is Judge Olivia Lockhart. The novels chronicle the relationships between Lockhart, her aging mother, her daughter, and the other residents of Cedar Cove.

The residents of Cedar Cove appear to lead an Idyllic life in the seaside town. However, everybody has their secrets. Each novel introduces one new character or family to the mix, adding another layer of intrigue.

As is true with any romantic series, much of the adversity is eventually resolved. However, the series is anything but boring. There are plenty of unexpected twists to keep things interesting.

As reported by HallmarkChannel.com, Judge Olivia Lockhart is played by Andie MacDowell in the Cedar Cove TV series. In the two-hour premier, Lockhart shares some exciting news with her mother. Although she asked her mother to keep it a secret, it ends up on the front page of the local newspaper.

Cedar Cove is the Hallmark Channel’s first original series. As reported by The New York Times, MacDowell is truly enjoying her role in Cedar Cove:

“One of the reasons I was excited about doing the series was because when I went to work every day, I was going to be in a warm, fuzzy place. It’s very wholesome. There’s no profanity. It’s uplifting, and the fans are super nice and kind.”

There are 12 novels in the Cedar Cove series, with two special Christmas editions and a Cedar Cove cookbook. Debbie Macomber has received a RITA and a lifetime achievement award from the Romance Writers of America. In addition to the Cedar Cove novels, Macomber has written 11 other fiction’ series and numerous individual novels.

The Cedar Cove TV series was long-awaited by Macomber’s fans. Early reviews indicate that Hallmark has done a fine job bringing the series to life.

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