Fake Drone Signs Suggest Craft Will Gun Down California Speeders But...

Fake drone signs are making Marin County, California drivers do a double take. As you can see in the sign posted in one of the tweets below, in some ways they look much like any other sign along the highway.

But instead of informing you that your speed is being checked by aircraft or by radar, these signs say: Speed Enforced By Drones.

And if you squint, the signs seem to suggest that a small missile is being fired from the drone -- presumably to wipe out any speeding evildoers that might be traveling along the area's roads.

Of course the drone signs are fake.

And the California State Highway Patrol is not amused. According to KPIX 5, Officer Andrew Barclay told them:

"[I]t's definitely a distraction...The first officer who saw this on Highway 37 was out patrolling his beat...did a double take, flipped around, came back, and confirmed it was what he saw."

Fake highway signs are illegal in California. Police called the crime a professional job that used genuine-looking materials -- including in at least one case tamper-resistant bolts to make it more difficult to remove the signs.

The state police are now investigating.

A few weeks back, I reported on fake shark attack signs which were posted illegally on a beach in California. They were probably intended to keep the beach from getting too crowded -- an effort which failed, since the determined surfers either ignored or complained about the fake signs.

The new fake drone signs seem to be strictly for somebody's own private amusement.

According to Fast Company, the California Highway Patrol "denies using, owning, or operating drones, and went out of their way to deny the use of any weaponized drones."

Following so soon after the fake shark attack signs, the fake drone signs might make you wonder if Californians have enough to do.

[flying drone photo by Flying Eye via Wikimedia]