Bulima took the life of Amy Whinehouse, Not Drugs.

As the second anniversary of singer Amy Winehouse’s death approaches this month, her brother is opening up about his sister’s passing for the first time. He is saying that bulimia is responsible for taking his sisters life, not drug.

Rolling Stone magazine reports that Alex Winehouse, who was four years older then his famous sibling, reveals in a new interview with the Guardian what is was like growing up her, provides insight on her personal struggles and promotes a new exhibit that honors the late British artist.

After the ‘Back To Black’ singer died on 23 July 2011, the coroner ruled a verdict of misadventure – discovering that she had more than five times the legal drink-drive limit of alcohol in her system. However, her older brother has now told The Observer that he blames his sister’s long battle with bulimia, which she developed aged 17, for leaving her “weaker and more susceptible”.

“She’d do anything for anyone, she really would,” he said. “She was loyal – as a sister, daughter and friend. She was probably the most loyal friend to people I’ve ever known.”

Despite her positive attributes, there was a dark side to her as she struggled with addictions to drugs and alcohol, of which the latter ultimately led to her death. The “Rehab” singer died of alcohol poisoning at the age of 27, however Alex believes an eating disorder that Amy developed during her early teens and lasted for the rest of her life was just as detrimental to her downfall, if not more.

The Amy Winehouse Foundation recently donated money to eating disorder charity Beat to help fund an internet forum with a dedicated moderator. Alex, along with his wife Riva, is preparing to open an exhibition to let fans of the star see the real Amy.

“She suffered from bulimia very badly,” he said. “That’s not, like, a revelation – you knew just by looking at her… She would have died eventually, the way she was going, but what really killed her was the bulimia.” He explains how the eating disorder left Amy weak and made her more susceptible to other negative influences.