Revina Garcia: Diabetic Handcuffed, Dumped On Pavement By Police [Video]

Revina Garcia, a diabetic who wears an insulin pump, rear-ended a truck in Santa Fe County, New Mexico as a result of a sudden, severe diabetic attack that left her unresponsive and close to going into a diabetic coma. What happened when the sheriff’s deputies arrived on the scene will shock you — and it was all caught on dash cam footage released Friday.

You can see the video of Revina Garcia’s arrest by clicking that button.

It’s pretty shocking. When she can’t move or open the door, deputies break in the window, drag her out, throw her on the pavement — and leave her there.

It’s Santa Fe, New Mexico, folks. Even if she wasn’t wearing a visible insulin pump — which you can see that she is — that’s dangerous.

For a diabetic undergoing a low blood sugar attack, the treatment could have been deadly. Without the proper level of blood sugar in her brain, Revina Garcia wasn’t sure what was going on. Admitting that she was lost and confused, she simply does and says nothing at all.

However, the deputies still reacted violently. Now Sheriff Robert Garcia (no known relation) has acknowledged to KOAT that he will investigate the potentially deadly incident: “In this case there was no resistance. We are looking at that very seriously.”

This case has come to light because the victim of the alleged police brutality is a diabetic. But it begs the question of whether or not the sheriff’s deputies make a practice of abusing unresisting impaired drivers.

I don’t believe that most alcoholics or other impaired individuals choose to have a disease that affects their brain any more than a diabetic does.

It also seems possible that even non-impaired drivers could sometimes be briefly immobilized and in shock after they collide with a larger vehicle.

According to Sunny Radio 965, Garcia said his officers need more training about how to tell the difference between a drunk and someone who is having a medical emergency.

Well, they could start by checking for a visible insulin pump on the woman’s hip before they assume she’s a bad guy.

But if she had been drunk — and Garcia was clearly too impaired by her illness to be safe behind the wheel — then does Santa Fe County believe they have a license to throw an unresisting suspect on the hot pavement?

It’s nice to know that maybe the next deputy will hesitate to abuse an obviously sick person in front of the dash cam. But I don’t think they should be abusing anyone.

What’s your reaction to the dash cam video of the handcuffing and pavement-dumping arrest of diabetic Revina Garcia?

[New Mexico highway photo via Wikimedia]