Johnny Galecki Costume, Stephen Hawking Intro Highlight ‘Big Bang Theory’ Comic-Con 2013 Panel [Video]

Johnny Galecki’s costume and Stephen Hawking’s introduction were two of the highlights at the San Diego Comic-Con 2013 Big Bang Theory panel on Friday.

You can see Stephen Hawking’s intro to the Big Bang Theory Comic-Con 2013 panel on the video up top. Hit that button to see the video appearance by Hawking in which the world famous astrophysicist explains the big bang theory in just 17 words. Yes, science is funny.

I’ve posted a couple of photos from Melissa Rauch and CBS about Johnny Galecki’s costume surprise appearance. Check them out down below. Wowsers. As one commented about the erstwhile Dr. Leonard Hofstadter, “Wow! He cleans up so well!”

As CBS, multiple media sources, and fans reported from the scene, some dude costumed head-to-toe as a Ubese bounty hunter from Return of the Jedi asked the Big Bang Theory panel a question.

However, the panel, which was being moderated by Melissa Rauch, wouldn’t address his question unless he removed his mask.

That’s when he whipped it off to reveal that he was in fact Johnny Galecki — and that he was there to join the panel for a surprise appearance.

The fans who were there were delighted. According to Zap2It, Galecki said: “This show has the best fans in the world. The fact that we gather here in July before the show goes back into full swing production in August gives us the shot in the arm we need.”

The Big Bang Theory returns on CBS on September 26. Were you at Comic-Con for Johnny Galecki’s costume surprise?

[Johnny Galecki, Melissa Rauch still photo by Meliisa Rauch via Twitter][Johnny Galecki costume by CBS via Instagram]