Jennifer Lopez Jumps In Pool After Performance In Miami [Video]

Jennifer Lopez worked up such a sweat during her performance at the Premios Juventud Awards in Miami that she needed to jump in a pool.

Thankfully, there was one nearby.

The singer performed with Pitbull at the 2013 Premios Juventud Awards. Lopez performed “On the Floor,” “Dance Again,” and “Live It Up” at the annual award show but it was finale that got the most people talking. Lopez decided to end her show by jumping into the pool, fully clothed, at the Bank United Center.

Of course, Lopez did a lot more than pool jumping, dancing, and singing at the award show. She was also honored with the World Icon Award.

Lopez said: “I feel very fortunate to be here tonight. What I have always wanted to do with my life is to create, dance, act and entertain; and be a good person.”

Lopez admitted that she’s made some mistakes in her life but said that she strives to be a good role model.

Lopez added: “I love what I do. I’m an artist. And I know that being a role model to my community means to be responsible for my actions. I too am human, and I make mistakes. But I promise you that when I fall, I get up again. When I make a mistake, I learn the lesson and I am ready to confront the next challenge. I accept this award with a lot of humility and I am enormously grateful.”

But you aren’t reading this article to hear about Lopez acceptance speech, are you? Yep, let’s watch the video of Jennifer Lopez jumping into a pool.