Is Kate Middleton In Labor? Hasty Retreat To London Fuels Speculation

Kate Middleton may be in labor, or at least that is the speculation making its way through the media after Kate and Prince William beat a hasty retreat to London.

Reports said Kate and William abruptly left her parents’ home in Bucklebury Friday afternoon behind a police escort, headed to London. It is there that Kate Middleton plans to go into labor, with a stable of reporters camped outside of St. Mary’s Hospital waiting for the big moment.

The Royal Palace didn’t do much to quell the Kate Middleton labor speculation, issuing a statement that gave few answers.

“We wouldn’t comment on the exact whereabouts of the Duke and Duchess – we wouldn’t normally do so in their private time.”

Another hint about the arrival of the royal baby — Prince William hasn’t yet begun his paternity leave from the Royal Air Force.

“We’re all on the edge of our seats for news,” a Royal Air Force source said. “I thought the baby would be born by now.”

More royal baby speculation was raised when Queen Elizabeth made a quick exit from a cricket match on Friday.

The Queen was due at Lords to watch a match when she showed up 15 minutes late, met briefly with players and then rushed off again. There were rumors that she was upset with the English team’s play, but others took the short stay to mean that Kate Middleton had gone into labor.

It’s more than likely that the Kate Middleton labor rumors could be the work of an overactive and impatient media. Kate is now more than a week past her reported due date, so every movement is suspected to be the beginning of labor.

And the world will likely know the minute Kate Middleton does go into labor. The Royal Palace said it will make an official announcemnet as soon as she is admitted to the hospital.