Comic-Con: Rob Thomas Wants ‘Veronica Mars’ To Be Bond Franchise

Comic-Con presented the Veronica Mars panel in Hall H, with director Rob Thomas, Kristen Bell, and others. The headline is that Thomas wants a ‘Bond franchise’ for Veronica.

The panelists shared new footage and thanked fans for contributing $5.7 million in the Kickstarter campaign to bring the girl detective back to the big screen.

The film wraps on Monday and Thomas is expecting it will turn into a franchise a la Bond, but with money from the studio this time. It goes without saying that he’s hoping the film will be successful in order to do sequels.

New footage was screened for those present, but it has few hints as to what the new plot is. What we do know is that Veronica Mars hasn’t worked as a private investigator since the end of the series.

Now she’s a lawyer in New York City, but one can assume she won’t stay there for long before being pulled back into the world of her small town of Neptune, Calif.

“I can tell you it has a Godfather III theme to it,” Rob Thomas said at the Comic-Con panel. “Which is weird. Why wouldn’t I pick Godfather II? It’s a better movie.”

Even though this reboot is going to be a feature film, the footage shown looks exactly like the series did. Jamie Lee Curtis is seen interviewing Veronica for a job.

“I know what the pleasure zones are for Veronica Mars viewers, and I wrote to those,” Thomas, who is writer and director of the movie, said.

Kristen Bell shared her first line back as Veronica,

“Charming drink names. I can’t decide between a Beast With Two Backs and a Donkey Punch. Do you think they’d let me order a virgin De-Virginator?”

“I felt like I’d fallen off the face of the planet,” Francis Capra said, referring to being cast in the movie. “You guys brought my family back.”

Rob Thomas also explained how he’s sold two Veronica Mars novels, which will pick up after the movie, following a now 28-year-old Veronica on her adventures.

Veronica Mars is set to open in early 2014. Stay tuned for all the latest from Comic-Con.