Chinese Woman Survives Car Crash After Her Head Smashes Through Windscreen

A Chinese woman managed to survive a vicious car crash earlier this week, even though her head smashed through the windscreen and she became trapped in the glass.

The woman, who is still unknown, was the passenger in the automobile which smashed into a truck as it drove along in south China’s Guanxi province. She wasn’t wearing a seatbelt at the time and this caused her to fly forward into the windscreen.

Her head smashed through the glass, but brought the rest of her body to a stop. Fire crews then arrived on the scene, and were at first puzzled as to how they could remove her from the predicament.

They immediately removed the driver, who was unconscious after the collision, and they then set to work on the painstaking excavation of the cornered woman.

Firefighters looked to enlarge the hole around the woman’s head, which would then allow them to safely free her. She was then stretchered away, in a bloodied and dazed manner, by paramedics before being taken to the closest hospital for treatment.

Both the woman and her male companion managed to survive the ordeal unscathed, and they are now on their way to making a fully recovery.

Earlier this month, two vehicles crashed into each in bizarre circumstances. This occurred after a 71-year-old driver fell asleep behind the wheel of their car in Taiwan, and they then flipped their car through another vehicle’s windscreen.

The pensioner fell asleep at the wheel and then his silver Daewoo, crashed into the Kang family’s automobile as they were driving down a city road. The Daewoo then crossed over into the opposite lane and smashed into a tree, which caused it to spin 180 degrees into the air and into the small car. Those involved in the accident only suffered minor injuries.

[Image via Marai Maarbes/Shutterstock]