Tip Jar Thief Steals From Dublin Cafe [Video]

A tip-jar thief has struck in Dublin, Ireland, slyly robbing a coffee shop in front of stunned staffers.

After the thief’s brazen effort, which occurred on a Wednesday afternoon at 3.45pm, the manager of the Coffee Angel, where the incident occurred, decided to upload CCTV footage to YouTube in an attempt to bring the man to justice. The clip, which you can view above, has now been watched by over 100,000 people.

The individual, who is wearing dark sunglasses whilst wearing a white shirt and black trousers, casually picks up the tip jar and places it into his bag whilst waiting in the barista for his beverage.

Manager, Karl Puddy, told the Herald, “I was really shocked when the staff asked me to look back at the footage and see what had happened. I’m sure tip jars go missing in cafes and restaurants all over the world, but it was the fact that he did it so openly and brazenly.”

Mr Puddy then added, “I wasn’t going to go to the gardai [police] about it because the amount of change in the jar was small, but we have got a very sympathetic reaction from the public and I just want this guy caught.”

He then went on to add that the tip jar thief has probably struck on numerous occasions, as since the footage was uploaded various other coffee shops have tweeted him and admitted that they’ve had similar incidents occur.

One YouTube user even sent a comment to Karl Purdy, which read, “I work around the corner at another coffee shop & this happened to us too!”

Mr Puddy then concluded, “The tip jar is for when customers want to show some appreciation to the staff, and while it is not a big amount of money, it is the principle of the matter that is important.”

What do you think should happen to the individual responsible?