‘X-Men: Days Of Future Past’ Offers Creepy Sentinel Propaganda [Photo]

It has been understood for some time that the upcoming X-Men: Days of Future Past film would feature the Sentinels in some way, and fans were treated to their first look at the monstrous robotic mutant-hunters with a creepy propaganda poster at Comic-Con 2013.

In the comic books, the Sentinels are mutant-hunting machines that stand several storeys tall. Common foes of the X-Men, Sentinels were designed by the villain Bolivar Trask to answer the mutant threat to mankind.

Sentinels have appeared in nearly every adaptation of the X-Men comic books, and one even cameo’d in X-Men: The Last Stand during a Danger Room simulation.

Fans just found out that actor Peter Dinklage will be playing Trask in the upcoming dystopian ensemble film, so Sentinels are a given.

At Comic-Con, fans were given a pretty good idea of what the Sentinels will look like in the film. Well, their heads anyway.

Two images of the machines (manufactured by Trask Industries) made their way online this week after debuting at Comic-Con, and they strike an appropriately propaganda-ish chord.

The Sentinel head is featured in one of the images in silhouette, while in the other the robot’s eyes are lit up showing the face. Both include the ominous line “Join Us To Celebrate 50 Years of Human Progress.”

days sentinel


The film also offered several character portraits on its Tumblr page ahead of Comic-Con, showing familiar faces as well as our first look at Omar Sy as Bishop.

You can check out all-new X-Men: Days of Future Past photos in the gallery below, and more of the Sentinel here. Are you excited?