Popular Trend, Hair Chalking, Could Be Dangerous

Hair chalking is a popular trend amongst teens and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued a warning against them.

Hair chalking is a temporary dye that has become popular with the teenage crowed.

MsnNow reported that hair chalking is the process in which you rub washable pastel chalk into your hair, and then seal it with a hair iron.

According to Dr. Kenneth Hartigan-Go, the FDA’s acting director general stated the following:

“Hair chalking is the recent craze among our teenagers, which involves rubbing a piece of colored pastel chalk onto certain strands of hair to change their hair color.

“For dark-haired persons, hair strands to be colored must be moistened first with water then twisted on sticks as the chalk is being applied and lock in the color by running through a hair straightener iron.”

ABS-CBNnews stated “These products may contain ingredients, such as dyes or colorants, chemicals and preservatives, which are not allowed and may cause allergies and adverse reaction on the scalp, head, eyes and skin.”

The FDA is worried that products not approved by them may contain ingredients that could cause serious harm such as allergic reactions.

Some recent recalls included the frozen berry recall and CDC investigation of the largest outbreak of fungal infections linked to injections.

The CDC investigation looked into multiple reports which emerged back in September 2012 of meningitis in patients following otherwise routine steroidal injections.

“As of June 2013, 745 people have been infected and 58 have died – primarily along the eastern half of the US from New Hampshire to Florida – as a result of contaminated epidural, paraspinal, and intra-articular injections.”

Hartigan-Go stated that “The public is hereby advised to use only products approved by FDA to ensure the safety and quality of cosmetic products.”

They also stated that the public can contact the agency via info@fda.gov.ph to report any adverse reaction caused by the use of the said product.

While hair chalking is a popular practice amongst teens, the FDA still strongly suggests that only approved products be used in order to ensure consumer safety.

photo credit: electron_wind via photopin cc