Baseball Hits And Kills Little Boy During Practice

Indiana - Tuesday was a very sad day for the Williams family. A baseball hit their 8-year-old boy in the neck and killed him during practice.

After the ball hit Dylan Williams, he collapsed and went into cardiac arrest. He died the next day when his family took him off of life support. According to the autopsy report, the cause of death was blunt force trauma from the impact.

The boy's father, Erik Williams, saw Dylan get hit and thought he was okay at first and told him to get up.

"He was playing first base and they went to throw a ball to him and he wasn't really looking, and to me it looked like it hit him in the side of the neck and he just dropped to the ground," he said.

Doctors said that there might have been some underlying heart issue because there was no sign of trauma from the baseball strike.

"All they told us was no injury from getting hit in the head. He just dropped with cardiac arrest. And then we couldn't get him going," Erik Williams said.

Union City's mayor, Bryan Conklin, was even heartbroken over Dylan Williams' death.

"It's probably one of the saddest things I've ever heard," he said. "For a kid to be playing something he likes to do, and then... it's just... heart-breaking."

After the terrible incident, Dylan's mom, Georgiana Williams, encouraged parents to spend more time with their kids. "Just hug and kiss your kids as much as possible."

Dylan's family donated his organs and are even setting up a charitable foundation in his name through a local bank.

"Maybe even just to make sure coaches are trained in CPR because I couldn't even, I couldn't help him," Erik Williams said.

[Image via Shuttershock]